Childcare and educational center in New Haven, Connecticut, will provide preschool-level education and professional resources to local families. Connecticut nonprofit Lifelong Learning instrumental in reconstruction and development.

NEW HAVEN, CT — October 31, 2022 — Vesta Corporation (Vesta), a leading real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of high-quality rental housing communities, on October 27, 2022, held the official opening of Beechwood Gardens Daycare, a fully operational childcare and educational center at the Beechwood Gardens community in New Haven, Connecticut.

The daycare program, run by early learning specialist Jisel Cordero and four staff members, is open to Beechwood Gardens residents and local New Haven families, providing daily preschool-level education to children between three and five years old. With accessibility as the focus, Cordero and Vesta will spend the coming weeks expanding the daycare’s services through a series of partnerships and volunteer initiatives.

Beechwood Gardens Daycare plans to work with the Department of Agriculture’s SNAP-Ed program to offer monthly professional development workshops, special education sessions and nutrition classes to adults and parents in the area. The daycare will also provide volunteer and engagement opportunities for the Urban Community Alliance’s V.E.T.T.S. Mentoring Program and early education students working toward their practicum hour requirements.

“I have always loved teaching and working with children and am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue doing it here in New Haven,” said Cordero. “But the opening of this daycare symbolizes something even bigger for Beechwood Gardens and the surrounding community. Beechwood Gardens Daycare will become a central hub for all things education, regardless of age, ability or circumstance. Connecting people to the services they need can’t be done without empathy, accessibility or just plain kindness, and we intend to further live out those values every day at Beechwood Gardens Daycare.”

Beechwood Gardens Daycare not only eliminates transportation costs for nearby families seeking childcare, but it delivers comprehensive, affordable education through Connecticut’s state-run Care 4 Kids program. Cordero and Vesta work closely with Care 4 Kids to ensure qualifying parents and guardians can send their students to school with the resources to learn and thrive. Daycare staff are trained in learning-through-play, small group activities and adaptive lessons to best fit each child’s needs.

“When the need for a daycare was first identified, we immediately knew the community would benefit from a truly safe, educational space for families to get quality childcare, especially within walking distance of where they live,” said Amy Yanke, Director of the President’s Office and Resident Services at Vesta. “I am proud to say that is exactly what Beechwood Gardens Daycare has become. Parents and guardians will now have the time and peace of mind to work toward their dreams and goals, all while having their children nearby and cared for by professionals.”

As with other Vesta communities, Lifelong Learning, a Connecticut nonprofit envisioned by Vesta’s founders Arthur Greenblatt and Steve Erie and created in 2004, played a special role in bringing Beechwood Gardens Daycare to life. Lifelong Learning and Vesta helped reconstruct the daycare’s building through several structural changes and additions. As one of the daycare’s largest supporters and one of Vesta’s longest partners, Lifelong Learning helped equip this versatile space for everyday childcare and education, networking events, professional development workshops and other activities.

“Beechwood Gardens Daycare has been three years in the making, and we have managed to get through a pandemic, meet every local and state requirement and overcome countless other challenges along the way,” said Margo Kelleher of Lifelong Learning’s Board of Directors. “It has been a pleasure to work with Vesta and Jisel Cordero, and we all look forward to seeing the positive impact this center has on the entire community.”

By opening Beechwood Gardens Daycare to the surrounding community, Vesta, Cordero and their partners set a new standard for accessible education. As Cordero achieves her longtime goal of opening her own daycare, Vesta continues its mission of maintaining strong communities and fostering connections that allow all residents to realize and reach their greatest potential.

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