Joshua Greenblatt, Executive Vice President, was featured in a recent article in Tax Credit Advisor, alongside other industry developers who are being highlighted for their innovative financing strategies to address the growing need for workforce housing. In the article, Greenblatt mentions that Vesta is actively working to develop housing in the middle-income space to provide affordable options for workers who make above area median income but still struggle to afford market-rate rents.

He emphasizes the significant need for workforce housing and expresses Vesta’s desire to do more in this area. He recognizes the insatiable need for affordable housing and sees workforce housing as an important component to addressing the housing crisis.

One particular project that Vesta is working on is the development of 55 Fifty at Northwest Crossing in Houston, offering 378 one and two-bedroom apartments for workforce housing. By leveraging a public facility corporation and restricting a portion of the units to 80 percent AMI or lower, the project benefits from a 100 percent real estate tax exemption. This creative financing approach is crucial in making the project financially viable.

Overall, the article showcases the importance of public-private partnerships and creative financing strategies in meeting the demand for workforce housing. Developers Vesta are at the forefront of this effort, demonstrating a commitment to finding innovative solutions to the housing crisis. With more collaboration and support from local governments and stakeholders, the vision of affordable housing for all can become a reality. Read the full article here.

Jaime Larkin
Author: Jaime Larkin

Brand Coordinator for Vesta