About Vesta

Vesta Corporation

Vesta Corporation is the parent company of a family of subsidiaries and affiliates including:

  • Vesta Equity Corporation
  • Vesta Management Corporation
  • Vesta Construction Corporation

Vesta specializes in the redevelopment of distressed affordable housing complexes. We seek out troubled projects to which we can add value, through rehabilitation and/or new construction, sound management, and investing in our residents as well as our real estate.

Vesta is experienced at closing complex financing deals:

  • Rents from market-rate to subsidized, including rents restricted by federal and state financing, and Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Debt financing from conventional sources, Freddie Mac, FHA-insured, CDBG and HOME funds, taxable and tax-exempt bonds
  • Grant financing arranged to pay for development costs as well as learning center operating costs

We are highly experienced in all aspects of affordable housing development, finance and management, including using government assistance programs such as:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • The HOME Program
  • FHA mortgage insurance
  • Freddie Mac credit enhancement
  • Section 8, project-based as well as certificates and vouchers
  • Tax-exempt bonds
  • Various HUD and other federal grant programs
  • Various state and local financing and rental subsidy programs

Quality is the dominant goal of our approach to affordable housing. Successful completion of any transaction requires decisive action based on timely, astute assessments, while remaining flexible to changing conditions. Perhaps the key component to our success is the realistic evaluation, understanding and management of the risks involved.